Homemaking: The Tops of Kitchen Cabinets

The tops of kitchen cabinets just seem to shout “decorate me.” Leaving them empty is a completely acceptable option, of course. But since they provide a super tall, lengthy space, it’s a great location to showcase some of your favorite items. Your kids won’t bother them, and you can enjoy looking at your stuff.

Don’t worry about making the perfect arrangement and don’t think about how often you should dust it. (I have yet to dust mine and I’ve been in my new home almost a year). Instead, find items you love and have fun placing them. Try different arrangements.

I like antiques and vintage items. Here is the arrangement I finally settled on in my kitchen.

IMG_0083 (2)

I do have one tip: if you have a collection of similar items, keep them together. See my little cluster of blue mason jars and my line-up of cream pitchers? They look best when they’re placed together. I tried different arrangements where I had some pitchers here, a jar and another item there, a wacky combo over there. It just looked kind of disorganized. Keeping similar items together gives your cabinet-top an organized, yet interesting appeal.

I am by no means a good decorator, but I sure had a lot of fun. Take time to set up your home, and enjoy the process. Enjoy showcasing your favorite possessions. As you take care of your daily mommy tasks, spend a brief millisecond smiling at your cabinet-top display delighting in your homemaking skills! Sometimes, it’s just these little things that help get us through the day.

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